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Responsibility at the heart of our concerns

These day social and environmental issues are central concerns in the life of any company. LISI MEDICAL has been committed for many years to a proactive approach to sustainable development inspired by the ISO 26000 standard.

Our vision of CSR

Measuring the impact of our industrial activities is as effective an indicator as those that measure our economic and financial performances.

For LISI MEDICAL being responsible means making a collective commitment as a company, but also an individual commitment as an employee. Ever since our company was created, we have been committed to a process of continuous improvement, which we have constantly revisited and updated, and that has allowed us to create and continue creating value for our company, our employees, our suppliers, our customers and their patients.

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Our ambition: to have a positive economic, social and environmental impact.

Our 5-pronged approach to CSR

  • Achieve excellence in health and safety at work
  • Improve the environmental footprint of our activities
  • Reward and retain talent and make our jobs more attractive
  • Ensure customer satisfaction thanks to the efficiency of our processes
  • Commit to a responsible supply chain
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To find out more about LISI Group's CSR policy, go to