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Our solutions

Co-development service

A network of over 100 experts at your service.

Our priorities in customer's service

At Lisi Medical, our focus is always on the customer, patient needs, and experience. To provide best in class solutions, the New Product Introduction (NPI) team works directly with customer launch teams – peer to peer. Lisi’s flat organizational structure allows for an efficient product launch, while maintaining focused customer and vendor relationships. Experienced employees coordinate with OEMs on the latest technological and manufacturing methods.

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Multi-disciplinary teams

Our experts review each component and propose process improvements to the customer. Lisi Medical is a process development expert when it comes to medical device manufacturing, often coordinating with market experts or strategically developing skills which allow for a competitive edge.

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An organization and processes

Technology like autonomous machining cells, co-bots, AI visual inspection, and smart tooling programs are at the core of Lisi’s manufacturing strategy. CNC machines continue to improve not just in machining performance, but also value added tools within the machining envelope.

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Competences at forefront

LISI Group's Mechanical Design Center (Research, Technology and Development) consists of a network of 100 experts in Europe and the United States covering, among other things, areas like behavior of materials, digital simulation and non-contact inspection. LISI MEDICAL relies on this network to respond to customers' needs by proposing alternative solutions capable of improving performances, reducing risks or lowering costs.


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A global presence

Specialized factories 100% dedicated to medical devices

Our locations
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