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Our solutions

Minimally Invasive Surgery

More than 2.5 millions components per year for MIS / AST

Minimally invasive surgery

LISI MEDICAL is a leader in the manufacturing of components and instruments for manual or robotic mini-invasive surgery.

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High level of expertise

LISI MEDICAL has a high level of expertise and a largely automated industrial tool enabling it to manufacture complex components guaranteeing competitiveness and quality throughout your projects, regardless of production volumes.

Our excellence is recognized in the manufacture of scissors, scalpels, blades, forceps, etc.

We manufacture components for laparoscopy, endoscopy, cardiovascular, neuro-cerebral surgery, ...

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From raw material to finished goods

This "one-stop shop" offer means we are able to propose solutions that range from supplying blanks through to the packed and sterilized finished product.

We provide support with your development process (DFM, prototypes) as well as manufacturing the devices.


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A global presence

Specialized factories 100% dedicated to medical devices

Our locations
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