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Company History

LISI was born in the 18th century when several French family businesses joined forces.

LISI is a typical example of this pattern of development: its original activities, manufacturing wire and screw products, have gradually changed, adapting to the needs of an industrial world that has undergone profound changes over the course of two centuries. Today, LISI produces high tech fasteners for the automotive, aerospace and medical industries.

With a majority of its shares still held by the family, LISI is able to pursue a long-term strategy, and so it continues developing around the world, offering its customers an optimum level of service and responsiveness.


The group changes its name to LISI

The group relies on the complementarity between its products (screw and clip fasteners) to differentiate itself from its competitors and position itself as one of the only multi-specialist players in automotive and aerospace fasteners. To mark this positioning, in 2002 the group took the name LISI: "Link Solutions for Industry".

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Creation of the new division: LISI MEDICAL

Between 2007 and 2010, LISI acquired four companies that manufacture dental implants or assembly systems (screws, pins) used in reconstructive surgery. In 2010, with the takeover of a forged implant production site in Normandy, the group has a new division of global size: LISI MEDICAL.


LISI MEDICAL acquires a new specialty

The acquisition of two production sites in Minneapolis allows LISI MEDICAL to expand its industrial presence in the United States and to position itself in a new, very promising segment: the manufacture of mini-invasive surgical instruments.

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LISI MEDICAL currently has recognized expertise in the manufacture of joint prostheses, spinal implants and osteosynthesis. The division also specializes in the manufacture of mini-invasive surgical instruments. LISI MEDICAL relies on teams located in the United States and in France.