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Our teams

Today LISI MEDICAL has a workforce of 750 spread evenly between France and the United States. The human aspect is always at the forefront of our concerns

How could be it be otherwise when LISI MEDICAL's very raison d'être is to support improvements in medicine and surgery worldwide?

We are proud to contribute on a daily basis to the improvement of the quality of life!

Our values:


our customers' success is our greatest source of pride. Effective and dedicated, our teams are made up of people with a passionate belief in serving the improvement of healthcare worldwide.


Every year LISI MEDICAL invests a large proportion of its resources in improving the key skills of its employees.


we attach particular importance to achieving total compliance in every aspect of quality of service. This is an essential element in all that we do. It is what builds the indispensable trust between our customers and our teams.

Social responsibility

the health and safety of our teams and respect for our environment is a permanent concern at LISI MEDICAL.