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Social and environmental responsibility

Optimize - protect - promote

Responsibility is one of our major concerns

Today, social and environmental issues are a daily reality for any company.

Measuring the impact of our industrial activity can be considered as efficient a tool as that of our economic and financial performance. LISI MEDICAL has for many years been committed to optimising and improving its environmental impact. Whilst further scope for progress has been clearly identified, we have already achieved concrete and encouraging results. These results are the product of a novel and collective approach.

Social and environmental responsibility are at the heart of LISI MEDICAL's preoccupations. Whereas our policy is a global one, the company's primary responsibility is to guarantee the safety and the well-being of its employees. Since its creation, LISI MEDICAL has been firmly committed to adopting a proactive approach, which is constantly reviewed and revised, towards ensuring healthy and safe working conditions for all its employees and for all its services providers, trainees, apprentices, temporary workers and sub-contractors.