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Every year, LISI MEDICAL forges several hundreds of thousands of parts which it provides to a highly demanding clientele of finished or semi-finished products. Forging tools are produced by LISI MEDICAL's specialised cell, which enables on-the-spot action, optimal flexibility and improved cost control.

LISI's prototype workshop enables adjustments to be made and production process quality to be guaranteed, in real time. The workshop is also used to provide individual parts for Research & Development and made-to-measure products.

On each of its sites, LISI MEDICAL boasts a machine fleet where metal turning and milling operations are conducted, from the smallest to the largest series and satisfying the market's most demanding technical constraints. The quality of the processes we develop, associated with our many projects towards continued improvement, enable us to offer our clients constant quality at the best price.

LISI MEDICAL has its own bar turning equipment and can, therefore, produce all types of implant, from the smallest to the largest diameter. The fleet's vast capacity, together with SMED processes developed via our quest for continued improvement, enable LISI MEDICAL to respond to all bar turning requests, including those from emerging markets via its Moroccan site.

Barrel polishing, emeris ing, roll bending, shot peening, sandblasting, polishing:
whatever our clients' needs in the fields of surface finishing and/or treatment, LISI MEDICAL can offer an appropriate solution. Just like the other technologies for which LISI MEDICAL boasts excellent command, these metal finishing operations satisfy the same quality requirements and are conducted thanks to steadfastly reliable processes which offer total reproducibility in terms of desired results.

Heat treatment, laser marking, electro-polishing, anodising:
our vacuum heat treatment furnaces are used to improve the mechanical properties of the instruments and medical implants we produce. LISI MEDICAL has a range of laser engraving tools enabling it to fully respond to market needs for all known and widely used materials. Passivation and cleaning operations are conducted in controlled environments (ISO 7 certified clean rooms).

LISI MEDICAL can conduct anodising operations on all its sites and provides a range of over 100 different colours for titanium and alloy implants.

Whether during auto-inspection at the machine or within the final control department, each production phase is validated by high technology control equipment. Dimensional control, FPI, visual control, mechanical tests... LISI MEDICAL continuously invests in order to provide the latest in innovative control methods and to satisfy the utmost demands from our sector of activity.

Our production is shipped or stored on an annual contract basis. A documentary review is conducted prior to every shipment. LISI MEDICAL is able to manage the entire logistic chain for its implants and instruments, including marking and personalised packaging. Our Supply Chain teams provide a range of options for managing orders (firm or annual orders, VMI, KAN BAN...).

Comprehensive general process

Comprehensive general process