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By founding LISI MEDICAL, LISI's ambition was to create, within a 5-year timescale, a world leader in the field of orthopaedic sub-contracting, thanks to a complete "product" offer based on differentiating technologies. To achieve this aim, the LISI Group has endeavoured to deploy its quest for excellence both in terms of production and innovation, in order to forge strong and sustainable links with major market and development players.

Emmanuel Viellard - President


Creation of LISI MEDICAL following the acquisition of Hugueny (France), Jeropa (USA), Seignol (France), Intermed Applications and Lixus (Morocco).

  • Complete integration of Hugueny by Seignol.
  • Buyout from the American group Stryker Corporation of a prosthesis production site located in Hérouville-Saint-Clair (Calvados - France), leading to the creation of LISI MEDICAL Hérouville Saint-Clair.

Period of consolidation, organisation and reinforcement of LISI MEDCIAL's market position.


Complete integration of SJ Industrie by Seignol Hugueny.


Since January, 1st 2014, Seignol Hugueny becomes LISI MEDICAL Neyron.


Signature of a stock purchase agreement with Alcoa to aquire its Remmele Medical Business who becomes LISI MEDICAL Big Lake and LISI MEDICAL Coon Rapids.

History of LISI MEDICAL 137 M€ turnover, 926 employees, 8.3% of Lisi's total turnover, 10,634k€ in investment