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For its recruitment, Lisi opts for in-house training

Industry week. The hip prosthesis specialist's Normandy-based site is struggling to recruit in certain fields, metal polishing in particular. Mid-March, it launched its own "polishing school".

The initiative

"It will lead to a diploma, to a career. What's more, we help our staff feel better."Aged from 24 to 48, Eric, Fabien and Jessy have just started training towards their recruitment at Lisi. Located in Hérouville-Saint-Clair and specialised in titanium and stainless steel implantable prostheses, the firm's Normandy plant employs a total staff of 300 (plus 50 temporary employees). To recruit polishers, it launched its own polishing in-house school mid-March.

Download (Ouest France article, 7th April of 2014)